Research infrastructures

The Swedish Research Council provides support for a number of different national and international tools with the aim of creating the preconditions for researchers to carry out research of the highest quality within all subject areas. What they all have in common is the fact that they are, or will be, freely accessible for use by researchers from all seats of learning (after peer review assessment).

Below is a link to a list of infrastructures that Swedish researchers have access to or which Sweden is planning to participate in. Note that there might be some facilities missing in the list. By using the links to the different infrastructures you can access more information in English.

Visit their web sites to get more information on how to apply for experimentation time, how to access data or get in contact. Some of the infrastructures are ones that Sweden, through the Swedish Research Council, plans to take part in and that several are under construction. For certain infrastructures there is a possibility of participating in the construction.

List of research infrastructures, in alfabetical order according to subject field (in Swedish)

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Updated: 2015-03-09