Neurosciences, including diseases of the brain and nervous system

Cognitive and Motor Functions in Health and Disease During the Lifespan

Higher Education Institution: Karolinska Institutet
Title/Research Environment: Cognitive and Motor Functions in Health and Disease During the Lifespan
Co-applicant (HEI): Umeå University, Royal Institute of Technology
Collaborating Researchers: Hans Forssberg, Bengt Winberg, Ole Kiehn, Lars Nyberg, Lars Farde, Patrik Ernfors, Tomas Olsson, Agneta Nordberg, Lars Olson, Thomas Perlmann.

Opportunities to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases such as ADHD, MS, Alzheimer´s disease, and other diseases of the brain and spinal cord will increase through a new neuroscience research programme. The new research programme will investigate the mechanisms in the body that control, e.g. learning, memory, and motor skills. Researchers will also study genetics and environmental factors that lead to diseases of the brain and spinal cord. One goal is to develop strategies to prevent and treat such diseases.



Higher Education Institution: Lund University
Title/Research Environment: Multidisciplinary Research Focused on Parkinson´s Disease – MultiPark
Co-applicant (HEI): University of Gothenburg
Collaborating Researchers: Patrik Brundin, Anders Björklund, Angela Cenci Nilsson, Peter Hagell, Susanne Iwarsson, Deniz Kirik, Olle Lindvall, Per Odin, Roger Olsson, Tadeusz Wieloch.

The goal of the MultiPark project is to radically improve life for patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease. Researchers want to find new treatments and achieve research results that can be used in society. Several drugs are currently available to treat Parkinson´s disease, but their effects often diminish with time. Hence, new treatments are needed to slow, or stop, the course of the disease.


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Updated: 2014-08-11