Statistics 2014

A total of 3.4 billion SEK were awarded to basic research in all subjects for the years 2015–2020. In addition, approximately 186 million went to infrastructure during the same period.

3.6 billion to research and research infrastructures

A total of 3.6 billion SEK was allocated for the next five-year period. As before, by far the largest proportion of the funds (excluding infrastructure support) went to independent research project grants, 2.5 billion SEK in total. In addition to this, 900 million SEK went to the other grants included in the general call for research proposals, such as focused research project grants and grants to prominent junior researchers.

Areas of science

Area of science

Total amount approved, (SEK million)

Natural and engineering science

1 200

Medicine and health


Interdisciplinary grants*


Humanities and social sciences


Educational sciences


Research infrastructure


Development research


Artistic research and development


* Prominent junior researcher, international career, neutron scattering

15 percent of all applications were approved

In total, 5 621 applications were received. Of these 824 were approved. This gives an approval rate of 15 percent. The majority of the applications is for project research grants.  

Women and men

One of the Swedish Research Council´s goals for achieving gender equality within our area of activities is to have the same approval rate and the same average grant amount for women and for men.

Of all applications (excluding infrastructure applications), 1 973 came from women, of which 292 were granted. The corresponding figures for men were 3 648 applications and 532 granted. Grant rate for women as well as men is 15 percent.

The reason why infrastructure applications is not included in the above figures, is that the grants do not go to individual researchers but to tools accessible to all researchers at higher education institutions nationwide.

Administrating organisations

Administrating organisation

Total amount approved

Uppsala University

595 247 000

Lund University

594 715 000

Karolinska Institutet, KI

427 312 000

University of Gothenburg

397 583 400

Stockholm University

263 911 000

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

252 173 000

Chalmers University of Technology

233 351 000

Linköping University

222 431 000

Umeå University

170 705 000

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

 56 015 000

The table shows the amounts awarded by higher education institution for the ten institutions that have been awarded the most funding over the coming five-year period.



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  1. Kerstin Hesselgren visiting professorship

  2. Olof Palme visiting professorship

  3. Visiting researcher grant in research into the Holocaust, victims of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism