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IARC: Two positions as scientist in the Genetic Epidemiology Group

The GEP Group has open two temporary, full time positions of scientist for a limited duration of two years. Primary location is Lyon, France.

Deadline: 4 March

Currently, the GEP Group has open two temporary positions of scientist:

  1. At the P1 grade: assisting in the development of a study protocol focussing notably on recruitment of renal cancer cases and controls in Romania and potentially other surrounding countries (tumour tissue from cases will subsequently undergo whole genome sequencing).
  2. At the P2 grade: coordinating major consortia-based projects focussed on head and neck cancers, with a particular focus on (i) the role of HPV, (ii) genomic and methylation analysis of tumour tissue, (iii) genomic and methylation analyses of circulating tumour DNA from head & neck cancer patients.

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Publicerad den 13 februari 2020

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