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Urban Migration

JPI Urban Europe invites transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral communities of researchers and practitioners to create projects that align, synthesise or consolidate already existing knowledge on urban migration across disciplines on national and local levels.

Pre-proposal deadline: 26 March 2020
Full proposal deadline: 4 September 2020

The focus of this call is the ways that migration affects and is affected by the life and functioning of cities. As JPI Urban Europe aims for a broad scrutiny of urban migration, proposals submitted to this call should focus on one, many or a mix of migration types, categorized based on the following three principles:

  • By political boundaries (internal vs. international migration)
  • By movement patterns (step, circular or chain migration) or
  • By taking a decision-making approach (voluntary vs. involuntary migration)

Här tipsar vi om möjligheter för forskare från organisationer vi samarbetar med eller finansierar. Vi publicerar texten på originalspråk.

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