Swedish research in political science

Swedish Research in Political Science. What is the level of Swedish research? In order to get a comprehensive overview of the state of art in an international perspective, the Swedish Research Council has engaged a number of distinguished scholars to review certain academic disciplines or larger research areas. With regard to the Humanities and Social Sciences, nine reports have so far been published, covering sociology, history, cognitive psychology, linguistics, biological psychology, economics, education, literature, Nordic languages and the programme on comparative culture. The present volume puts research in political science under scrutiny.

The members of the international evaluation committee have been, Göran Hydén (Gainesville, US), Ellen Immergut (Konstanz, Germany) and Arild Underdal (Oslo, Norway). In addition to the review, this report also includes a chapter covering the development of the discipline. Although the report is focused on a specific discipline the findings may in many respects be of a more general scope and provide an important reference when discussing the general educational and research system in Sweden.

The Swedish Research Council has a national responsibility for the development of Swedish basic research and information about research. The Council prioritises and finances basic research of the highest scientific quality in all fields of science. The goal is to ensure that Sweden holds a leading position as a nation engaged in research.

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