Invoices to the Swedish Research Council

According to Swedish law, you have to invoice the Swedish public sector electronically. So when you invoice us, you have to do it through e-invoices.

As from April 2019, all Swedish public sector purchases must by law be invoiced using an e-invoice. Please note that PDF is not an acceptable format.

E-invoicing via the PEPPOL network

We prefer that all electronic invoices are sent to us via the PEPPOL network. Our electronic address in PEPPOL is 0007:2021005208.

E-invoicing in the Svefaktura format

Swedish Research Council information

  • Service provider: OpusCapita
  • Party identity: 2021005208
  • Corporate identity number: 202100-5208

E-invoicing via Fakturaportalen

If a supplier is not able to send electronic invoices, they can use “Fakturaportalen” to register invoices manually. Go to and sign up as a user. Once you have signed up, invoices can be registered and are then sent directly to us.

Requirement for an invoice reference

Invoices to the Swedish Research Council must always contain our reference. The reference consists of 4 digits or 4 letters. If there is no reference, the invoice may be returned to the sender. It is important that only this reference is shown in the reference field.

Contact us:

Via email to:

For further information on e-invoices, please see: and



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  1. Sweden’s EU presidency 2023

    During the first six months of 2023, Sweden acts as President of the EU’s Council of Ministers. Here we have gathered together information on the Swedish Research Council’s activities during the presidency.

  2. Reference group for science communication

    The Swedish Research Council’s reference group for science communication contributes knowledge and advice to us on issues relating to science communication. The group includes researchers and communication experts with differing competences.

  3. New reference group for issues relating to science communication

    The Swedish Research Council has appointed a reference group that will contribute knowledge and advice to us on issues relating to science communication.