Expert Group for Laboratory Animal Science

The Expert Group for Laboratory Animal Science investigates issues about laboratory animals and advises us at the Swedish Research Council. The Expert Group has twelve members with expertise within research using experiments on animals and ethics.

Contributes with knowledge and advice

The Expert Group for Laboratory Animal Science provides knowledge and advice on issues regarding laboratory animals within the Swedish Research Council's various assignments. The group

  • produces various documentation and gives advice to us, for example with regard to
  • call texts for grants, for example for the development of methods for the replacement, reduction and refinement of animal experiments, 3R
  • statements, standpoints or guidelines concerning laboratory animals
  • publications within the area of laboratory animals
  • communication efforts within the area of laboratory animals

The Expert Group also monitors, analyses and informs about laboratory animals in a national and international perspective and can represent the Swedish Research Council in various contexts where issues relating to laboratory animals are discussed.

Composition of the Expert Group

The Expert Group for Laboratory Animal Science has eleven members appointed by the Swedish Research Council's Scientific Council for Medicine and Health. The members must together have expertise in research using laboratory animals and in ethics. Six of the members are appointed on the basis of proposals from Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) that conduct research in medicine, three based on proposals of from Swedish HEIs that conduct research in science, and one based on a proposal from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU.





Stina Tucker (Chair)

Head of unit, Comparative Medicine

Karolinska Institutet

Jordi Altimiras

Professor of physiology

Linköping University

Lotta Berg

Professor, Animal Environment and Health

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Thomas Blom

Deputy head of unit, Center for Comparative Medicine

Lund University

Ulf Eriksson

Professor of Vascular Biochemistry

Karolinska Institutet

Jonas von Hofsten

Associate professor, Department of Integrative Medical Biology

Umeå University

Maria Lindskog

Docent, senior lecturer, Department of Medical Cell Biology

Uppsala University

Frida Lundmark


Läkemedelsindustriföreningen (LIF)

Margit Mahlapuu

Professor of Molecular Genetics

University of Gothenburg

Johan Nilsson

Research engineer, Department of Biology

Lund University

Kristofer F Nilsson

Associate professor in Medical Science (Surgical sciences)

Örebro University

Anna-Lena Spetz

Professor, Department of Molecular Biosciences, Wenner-Gren Institute

Stockholm university



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Kristian Haller


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