Office for ALF

The Office for ALF supports, among other things, the national ALF steering committee and coordinates the Swedish Research Council’s assignments linked to ALF. ALF is an agreement between national government and seven regions that addresses medical education and training, clinical research and the development of health and medical care.

The Office for ALF provides administrative support to the national ALF steering committee and coordinates our evaluations of clinical research.

The Office also coordinates the contacts between the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Government Offices, as well as with the Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils, councils and committees in matters related to ALF.

The Office is located at the Swedish Research Council’s head office in Stockholm.

PublISHED ON 29 May 2018

UpDATED ON 19 November 2019

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Office for ALF


  1. Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt appointed Secretary General for Medicine and Health

    She is a professor of muscle biology and a great advocate for basic researcher-initiated research. But Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt thinks that one of the most important tasks right now is to consider the ongoing pandemic and its consequences.

  2. 12 million SEK to Clinical Studies Sweden to support COVID-19 studies

    The six regional nodes within Clinical Studies Sweden will each receive a grant of 2 million SEK, or 12 million SEK in total, to strengthen their ability to support clinical studies linked to COVID-19.

  3. Sweden participates in clinical WHO study

    Sweden is participating in a major clinical study conducted by WHO, aimed at testing a number of antiviral medicines on patients around the world who are being treated for COVID-19.