Reference group for science communication

The Swedish Research Council’s reference group for science communication contributes knowledge and advice to us on issues relating to science communication. The group includes researchers and communication experts with differing competences.

Contributes with knowledge and advice

The reference group contributes with knowledge and advice on issues relating to science communication linked to the Swedish Research Council’s mandate in this field.

Areas covered include:

  • strategies and forms for research communication
  • contemporary environment monitoring
  • the Swedish Research Council’s current development projects
  • proposals for reviewers of applications for grants for science communication

Composition of the reference group

The reference group has eight members, appointed by the Swedish Research Council following nominations from higher education institutions and organisations active in science communication.

The members of the group have experience of science communication and knowledge sharing from higher education institutions and other sectors of society. The group also has knowledge and expericence of science communication as a research field, practical science communication, and different forms of collaboration between researchers and communicators.

The Swedish Research Council’s Director of Communications chairs the reference group.

The mandate period is three years, and the members meet three times per year.

Mikael Jonsson (Chair)

Director of Communications

Swedish Research Council

Gustav Bohlin

Investigator and Assistant Secretary General, PhD in Science EducationVA (Public & Science)
Jenny BjörkmanDirector of Collaboration, PhD in HistoryRiksbankens jubileumsfond

Christina Dahlgren

Director Artium

Linnaeus University

Anna JonssonAssociate Professor of Business Economics and researcher at the Stockholm School of EconomicsLund University

Lisa Kirsebom

Science journalist

Gustav KällstrandProgramme Editor, PhD in Cultural HistoryNobel Prize Museum

Andreas Nord

Associate Professor of Biology and a panel member of Young Academy of SwedenLund University

Anna-Karin Thorstensson

Head of Unit and Communications Officer, Communications and Marketing Division

Linköping University




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