RFI advisory groups

The Research Council's Council for Research Infrastructures, RFI, has four advisory groups that contribute with expert knowledge within their various areas. They prioritise and assess the proposals that have been included in the Scientific Council's needs assessment and review the applications for funding for research infrastructure before the RFI takes decisions. The members of the groups are appointed by RFI.

The RFI has three advisory groups and an e-infrastructure committee to support the Council in the work on planning and prioritising research infrastructure.

The three advisory groups are divided according to the nature of the infrastructures. Their task is to provide RFI with expert support in inquiries and strategy work and to promote the development of research infrastructure in different fields in other ways. They also assess proposals for new research infrastructure needs and applications for funding for research infrastructure.

Each advisory group has members who have competence in e-infrastructure. A selection of them form an e-infrastructure committee where both overall and more specific e-infrastructure issues can be raised. The e-infrastructure committee also helps to assess proposals for new research infrastructure needs and applications for e-infrastructure grants.



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    The financial report shall be signed by an authorised representative of the administrating organisation. Different rules apply for grants decided on before or after 2015.