Some of the jobs you can do

Are you looking for a job in an inspiring environment? Here you can see examples of the jobs you can do with us.

Working with research funding

In the Department for Research Funding, you can work as a senior research officer or a research officer. You will be part of the large operation planning, preparing and coordinating the Swedish Research Council’s calls for grant applications, and managing the applications received. We pay out almost 8 billion SEK per year to support Swedish research.

Many of our senior research officer also have international assignments, where they represent the Swedish Research Council and Sweden, or are responsible for national research programmes or other Government mandates.

Working with analysis

What are the conditions for research, and what are the effects of the Swedish Research Council’s support for research? These are questions that our analysts investigate. The analyses, evaluations and investigations we produce are used as documentation for decision-making by the Swedish Research Council and the Government, as well as others. As an analyst with us, you can also work on developing methods for evaluation, analysis and bibliometrics, or on various ways of stimulating international research collaboration.

Working with research infrastructure

The Swedish Research Council has a broad mandate within research infrastructure. Our personnel develop strategies and plans for Sweden’s long-term need for national and international research infrastructure. They are also responsible for the management of various research infrastructures, and plan, prepare and coordinate calls for grant applications.

With us, you can also work on improving access to registers and facilitate the use of register data in research, or on supporting and developing the preconditions for clinical studies. Several personnel members represent Sweden at the international infrastructures where Sweden is a member, by acting as delegates on decision-making bodies.

Working with communication

The Swedish Research Council has a large communications department. Our communicators work both strategically and operationally with planning, coordinating and developing the Swedish Research Council’s communications, often with the aim of creating understanding of the long-term benefits of research. One example is our mandate to coordinate, develop and facilitate science communication in Sweden, where you can work on various collaboration projects with other organisations, and take part in national and international networks. We also publish the periodical Curie, and the websites and

Working with legal matters

Our lawyers monitor legal issues relating to our operation, and provide assistance on legal matters both internally and externally. As a lawyer, you will deal with issues relating to administrative law, and also to disqualification, public access, and confidentiality. You will provide assistance in dispute solutions, contract approvals, national and international negotiations, and drawing up various company law agreements and other legal documents. As a lawyer with us, you will have many contacts, both internally and externally, and cooperate closely with management and colleagues.

Working with accounts

Our accountants work throughout the Swedish Research Council on developing, administrating and improving the financial aspects of accounts administration, budgeting and reporting. As an accountant, you will work in close collaboration with other departments at the Swedish Research Council, and also in dialogue with external consultants and our auditors.

Working with IT

The Swedish Research Council has a large IT operation. We look after the metadata service RUT, manage and develop the Prisma application management system, and have an IT department that ensures all personnel have a stable digital work environment. Via Sunet, we also operate, maintain and develop data networks and IT services for Sweden’s higher education institutions and other organisations linked to research and higher education. With us, you can work as a developer, system technician, requirement analyst and network architect.

Read more about our various IT operations and the job opportunities we offer (in Swedish)

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