PublISHED ON 01 June 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018

Coordination in Sweden

The Swedish Research Council collaborates with public authorities and organisations outside Sweden on the focus of research and on joint calls and communication initiatives. We also represent Sweden in international research organisations and research infrastructures.

It shall be easy for researchers at Swedish higher education institutions to participate in international collaboration. It shall also be easy for researchers from other countries to work in Sweden. To achieve high-quality research, the international exchange.

At the Swedish Research Council we work in different ways to stimulate international research collaboration. We discuss policy issues together with other research actors from Europe and beyond. Many collaborations are also to do with funding research.

On this page we describe our work on international policy issues. Information about funding for researchers is available from the organisations we collaborate with. Some of our collaborations result in calls being issued. For these, you will find all the information you need here on the website.

Swedish coordination

In order to coordinate their international engagements, the Swedish Research Council and the research funding bodies Vinnova, Forte, Formas, the Swedish National Space Board and the Swedish Energy Agency have joined forces in specific groups. The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) also participates in some issues.

One of the working groups – EU-Sam – coordinates issues related to the EU framework programmes and the partnership programmes. Coordination of Sweden's international cooperation outside the EU is handled by IntSam. In addition, there is a working group for coordination at Nordic level.

Joint research and innovation office in Brussels

The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova have a joint research and innovation office in Brussels (link to the Brussels office website). The office is a base for the work of monitoring and analysing the development of the EU framework programme for research and innovation. The office also serves as a hub for contacts with the European Commission and other actors operating in Brussels.

Global Research Council, GRC

The Swedish Research Council participates in the Global Research Councilexternal link, GRC. The Global Research Council is a virtual organisation consisting of the heads of funding bodies and organisations conducting research, from all over the world. More than 100 members from around 50 countries get together at the annual meeting.

The members have agreed on joint principles in a number of areas, such as how interdisciplinary science should be handled, and what is required to achieve gender equality in research. Other topics raised by the Global Research Council are peer review, capacity building, and the interaction between basic research and innovation.

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