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Petra III

Petra III is a German synchrotron light facility at the DESY laboratory outside Hamburg, focusing on radiation in the X-ray area, for research in several scientific fields. Sweden funds Swedish Material Science beamline, SMS, which is a beamline at Petra III.

Petra III is a German national synchrotron light facility at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. Petra III opened in 2009, after having previously been an accelerator for particle physics. The Petra III ring is operated with an energy rating of 6.0 GeV, which means its strength lies within the hard X-ray area. The facility complements the Swedish MAX IV, in that Petra III has a higher energy area that MAX IV will not be covering.

Sweden funds and is responsible for a materials science beam line, P21 (also known as Swedish Material Science beamline, SMS), in the energy area 40–150 keV. The P21 beamline is expected to become operational in 2018. Through the Swedish engagement in P21, Swedish users will get access to the other instruments at Petra III too, through its user programme.

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