Research overview 2019 Humanities and social sciences

The Swedish Research Council’s research overview within humanities and social sciences describes the current position of research and makes a forecast of developments over the next five to ten years. The overview also includes scientific and research policy recommendations for inputs to promote research in Sweden within the area.

This is one of seven research overviews in total, produced during 2018. The other overviews cover the areas of clinical therapy research, artistic research, medicine and health, natural and engineering sciences, educational sciences and development research. The overviews form a central part of the Swedish Research Council´s input into the upcoming Government Research Bill.


  1. Installation of the 2019 holder of the Olof Palme Visiting Professorship

    Welcome to the installation of Carol Cohn as the 2019 holder of the Olof Palme Visiting Professorship. Carol Cohn is Professor of Political Science at University of Massachusetts in Boston, USA. On 21 September she will hold her inaugural lecture at ...

  2. Humanities and social sciences

    Research project grant and Research into racism and discrimination

  3. Research overview 2019 Educational research