The ‘Communist regimes’ research programme

The Swedish Research Council’s final report on research within the programme, according to its Government assignment as defined in the official appropriation document for 2006.


  1. New report: What has the Linnaeus grant meant for Swedish research?

    The Swedish Research Council and Formas have funded 40 Linnaeus Centres with a total of 2.7 billion SEK during the years 2006–2018. We have now conducted a final evaluation. Did the Linnaeus grant have the effect intended? What has it meant for Swedi...

  2. She makes the invisible visible – in memory of Kerstin Hesselgren

    In 1922 Kerstin Hesselgren became Sweden's first female MP. Each year, the Swedish Research Council issues a call for a Visiting Professorship established in her memory. This year's holder is Ann Phoenix, who will be active at Umeå University.