Swedish national polar research programmes – 2014 and beyond


This report contains both the Swedish and English version.

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the Swedish Research Council share the responsibility for national level planning of Swedish polar research. The government agencies have drawn up this roadmap to visualize the research projects selected to receive support for field work in the polar regions outside Sweden. The roadmap is published to invite and inspire potential partners – national and international – to cooperate with our agencies and Swedish scientists to better achieve important scientific goals.


  1. Give us your views on new research infrastructure for large-scale computing resources

    In its work on developing a call for a research infrastructure for large-scale computing resources, the Swedish Research Council is now inviting views from users. How should we structure the call, and what requirements should we set for the research ...

  2. Hearing: National Resources for Large-Scale Computing

    The Swedish Research Council is organising a hearing regarding the funding and organisation of national services for large-scale computing. We invite users, higher education institutions and other stakeholders.

  3. ESS/MAX IV Online Summit

    Come and discuss about how academia and industry in Sweden can increase the societal benefits of the two world-leading research facilities ESS and MAX IV. Welcome to a digital meeting on 14 October.