The Swedish Research Council’s guide to research infrastructures 2014

The Swedish Research Council’s guide to research infrastructures is a guide for Sweden’s needs of national and international research infrastructures. It forms the basis for discussions on the financing of future infrastructure within the Swedish Research Council, but also in collaboration with other research funding nationally and internationally.

During 2014, the Swedish Research Council conducted a review of the processes of prioritization and funding of national research infrastructure. As a consequence, this fourth edition is limited with regard to proposals for new infrastructure. Instead, its main emphasis is on concentration and coordination of existing infrastructures and the clarification of roles and principles for future management of infrastructure.

To publication: Appendix to the Swedish Research Council´s guide to infrastructures 2016.


  1. Soil analyst research engineer position at ICOS Ecosystem Thematic Center, INRAE, France
  2. Information meeting – Research infrastructure of national interest

    Welcome to an information meeting about the call for grants to research infrastructure of national interest.

  3. LUMI supercomputer will now be built

    The LUMI consortium, where the Swedish Research Council is a member, has signed an agreement to build a supercomputer. The LUMI super-computer will be built in Finland, and will provide world-class performance that offers great opportunities for Swed...