Artistic research yearbook 2015

From arts college to university

This yearbook contains both the Swedish and English version.

"From arts college to university" is the twelfth edition and begins with a examination of the academicisation that has taken place the past decade or so and still continues within artistic education and research.

The opening article is an updated subject overview by the Swedish Research Council´s Committee for Artistic Research. Subject overviews have been drawn up for all the subject areas within the council as the basis for the Government´s Research Bill 2016.

Academicisation is also touched upon in the following two articles, which are the speeches by keynote speakers at the last year´s symposium on artistic research. The symposium had the same title as this year´s book.

This year we have two doctoral thesis reviewed – one on literary composition, the first of its kind in Sweden, and one on photography. Both are from the University of Gothenburg.

Next come four reports on artistic projects that have received financial support from the Swedish Research Council. The projects are about writing as a method, a study of the A4 Sheet, experimental theatre and architectonic visualisation of ‘affordance’. The project reports are then commented on by the Committee for Artistic Research.


  1. Maria Hellström Reimer is our new scientific adviser in artistic research

    She is a professor of design in theory and practice, but also a visual artist and docent in landscape architecture. With her broad knowledge basis and interdisciplinary experience, Maria Hellström Reimer is looking forward to developing a dialogue ab...

  2. Information meeting about grants within artistic research

    Welcome to an information meeting about this year's calls for applications for project grants and international postdoc grant within the field of artistic research. The meeting is aimed both at those who are applying for grants this year and at those...

  3. Interdisciplinary research environments