Artistic research yearbook 2017

Research ethics and artistic freedom in artistic research

This is the Swedish Research Council´s 14th yearbook on artistic research.

The first three articles were written by three keynote speakers at the symposium on artistic research at Linnaeus University in Växjö 2016, which had the same theme and title as this yearbook.

The fourth article continues on from last year’s article on the career paths for artistic researcher with a PhD in Sweden. This time the writers follows up with a more qualitative study which highlight the scope of postdoctoral research at relevant HEIs.

The next article is an interview with the editor for the yearbook about the artistic research. There are also five reports on artistic projects that have received funding from the Swedish Research Council. These offer reflections on modernity, contemporary poetry, studies of dress, crossing boundaries between expressions on stage and finally baroque music. Comments are then made on the project reports by the Committee for Artistic Research within the Swedish Research Council.


  1. Information meeting about grants within Artistic Research

    Welcome to an information meeting about 2024 year´s calls within Artistic Research. The meeting is aimed at possible applicants and assisting administrating personnel. The meeting will be held primarily in English.

  2. Artistic Research Ethics – research between vulnerability and empowerment

    The tightening of the ethical review legislation that has taken place in recent years has evoked concerns and great uncertainty among researchers in many fields. Not least has this been the case in artistic research. What can be subject to research a...

  3. Information meeting about two grants within Artistic Research

    Welcome to an information meeting about 2023 year´s calls within Artistic Research: Grant for research communication and Exploratory workshops. The meeting will be held primarily in English.

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