A Revision of the Review Panels within Natural and Engineering Sciences

This document presents a revised panel structure for applications within Natural and Engineering Sciences from 2021, the rationale for the new structure and the process by which it was formed.

The goal in this revision is to tackle the large variation in the number of applications handled by each of the current 19 panels, to achieve a more even distribution of applications between panels so that a high quality review process can be maintained across all subject areas. The revision does reflect changes in the scientific landscape since the panel structure last received a major revision in 2012. .


  1. Visiting professorship Tage Erlander

  2. Distinguished professor grant within medicine and heath

  3. Nominate members of review panels in medicine and health 2023

    The Swedish Research Council’s Scientific Council for Medicine and Health is now welcoming proposals for members of the review panels for 2023. Please read the instructions and submit your proposal no later than 30 November 2022.