Promoting Gender Equality in Research Funding

This Policy Brief contains a set of recommendations to promote gender equality in research funding, put forward by GENDER-NET Plus.

The recommendations are mainly directed towards research funding organisations, but one section is directed also towards the national level.

GENDER-NET Plus, an ERA-NET Cofund in Horizon 2020, is a collaboration of 16 research funders from 11 European countries, Canada and Israel. The collaboration promotes the inclusion of sex and gender analysis in research and innovation; especially through a joint transnational research call. Furthermore, GENDER-NET Plus is committed to promoting gender equality in research funding.


  1. EU recognises gender equality work in research with a new prize

    This year, the European Commission is launching a prize to recognise organisations that drive changes towards increased gender equality within research and innovation. The prize amount is 100 000 EUR.

  2. Swedish Research Council nominates female researchers to international database

    The database AcademiaNet has been operating since 2010, and makes prominent female researchers more visible. The purpose is to increase the proportion of women in leading positions within the world of research. The Swedish Research Council contribute...

  3. New international recommendations to promote gender equality in research

    The international collaboration GENDER-NET Plus has published recommendations to promote gender equality in research funding. The Swedish Research Council has led the work.