Framework for courses in science communication

This report is about how researchers at the start of their careers can become better equipped to share their knowledge outside academia. The authors present a three-part framework for courses in science communication.

The report is a result of discussions within a team of researchers and communication experts. In the report, team members share their reflections and recommendations, based on preconditions within and outside academia. It also presents lessons learnt from a pilot course held at Örebro University.


  1. How to train doctoral students in science communication

    On 25 November, the Swedish Research Council and SUHF are organising a webinar to present a new framework for courses in research communication. The webinar is primarily intended for those responsible for third-cycle education, and doctoral superviso...

  2. New framework for courses in science communication

    Researchers need to share their knowledge, so that it benefits society. A new report presents a framework for how communicating research can become a natural part of third cycle higher education.

  3. How a joint platform for communicating research can become reality

    Many Swedish actors want it to become easier to partake of research-based knowledge. This is shown in a new study that Vetenskap & Allmänhet (Public & Science) has produced on behalf of the Swedish Research Council.