Framework for courses in science communication

This report is about how researchers at the start of their careers can become better equipped to share their knowledge outside academia. The authors present a three-part framework for courses in science communication.

The report is a result of discussions within a team of researchers and communication experts. In the report, team members share their reflections and recommendations, based on preconditions within and outside academia. It also presents lessons learnt from a pilot course held at Örebro University.


  1. Science Europe: How to strengthen the dialogue between researchers and decision-makers

    More dialogue is needed between the research community and decision-makers to ensure decisions made are based on scientific knowledge. A new report from Science Europe has proposals for how this dialogue can be improved.

  2. High Level Conference on Science Communication: Unlocking the Power of Science Communication in Research and Policy Making

    On the 12th-13th of March, European policymakers and stakeholders will gather at a conference in Brussels to discuss science communication. The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of the importance of science communication and discuss how...

  3. makes science easier to access and understand

    A national platform for news and communication about research will be launched in February 2024. The platform continues to build on the existing website, and is a long-term initiative and an important part of the Swedish Research Council...