Results of needs inventory 2021–2022

Appendix to the Swedish Research Council’s Guide to Infrastructure 2022

At the Swedish Research Council we have a model of prioritisation of research infrastructure that is based on a two-year cycle. The first step of the cycle is an inventory with the purpose of identifying new national research infrastructure needs. The outcome of the inventory is used as the basis for the Swedish Research Council’s targeted call for funding of research infrastructure of national interest, as well as in the Swedish Research Council’s strategic work with research infrastructure.

During the inventory of needs we conducted in 2021–2022, just over 40 proposals were received from higher education institutions, public authorities with research responsibilities, funding bodies, and research groups.

All incoming proposals were assessed in terms of scientific, strategic, and national value. The thematic areas that were found to be of the highest scientific and strategic value are described in this report.

The report is an appendix to the Swedish Research Council’s guide to infrastructure 2022.


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