Research for all! A proposal for a Swedish platform for science communication

This study, which continues to build on the mapping Forskning.Framsyn from 2020, makes proposals for how national collaboration to increase access to research and research results can be realised. The study is produced by VA (Public & Science) on behalf of the Swedish Research Council.

The work has included mapping wishes and needs of different target groups, and also investigating possible contents and envisaged services. This has been done by means of interviews, workshops and contacts with organisations that work with platforms in other countries.

The study concludes that many Swedish actors want it to become easier to partake of research-based knowledge. Common arguments are that this would create synergies, more efficient use of resources and greater impact.


  1. ESOF 2024

    EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF, will take place in Katowice in Poland, on 12–15 June. The Swedish Research Council will host one session, on 13 June, about open science and democracy.

  2. Strengthen science communication

    The Swedish Research Council is backing four new recommendations for promoting science communication. The recommendations have been developed by Science Europe, and are the result of a high-level conference on science communication held in Brussels i...

  3. The Swedish Research Council’s grant for research communication

    The Swedish Research Council occasionally issues calls for grants for communication activities that promote dialogue or collaboration with groups outside academia. Researchers who have an ongoing grant from us can apply.