Strategic research agenda: National research programme
in viruses and pandemics

The goal of the research program on viruses and pandemics is to contribute to new knowledge about viral diseases. More knowledge is needed both about how they spread and how future pandemics can be prevented.

This strategic research agenda guides the work ahead and outlines five focus areas for research within the program:

  • viruses, virus-induced disease states, and fundamental disease mechanisms
  • mechanisms for the emergence and spread of zoonoses with pandemic potential, as well as strategies for prevention and management of transmission
  • development of antiviral medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics
  • societal measures arising from pandemics and their effects on people's living conditions and health
  • organization, governance, and coordination (infrastructures) of critical societal functions during a pandemic.

The research agenda has been developed by the Swedish Research Council with the support of a program committee and focus groups with experts from relevant research areas. The experts have identified knowledge gaps within each focus area.

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