The Swedish Research Barometer 2023

Swedish research in international comparison

The Swedish Research Barometer provides an overall description of research and development (R&D) in Sweden, and highlights how Sweden compares internationally as a research nation. In addition, the Swedish Research Barometer places particular focus on the research conducted within the higher education sector in Sweden.

The report consists of three chapters:

  • Research funding
  • Research personnel
  • Scientific publication

The Swedish Research Council publish the Swedish Research Barometer every two years. This is the fifth report.


  1. The Swedish Research Council’s recommendations for the EU’s framework programme FP10
  2. Science Europe: How to strengthen the dialogue between researchers and decision-makers

    More dialogue is needed between the research community and decision-makers to ensure decisions made are based on scientific knowledge. A new report from Science Europe has proposals for how this dialogue can be improved.

  3. New statistics for applications and decisions

    We have now published overall statistics for applications and grant decisions for 2023. To make the statistics more useful, we have divided up the subjects differently compared to previous years.