Research reviews 2023

Every four years, the Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils, councils and committees produce research reviews within their respective scientific fields. The reviews form the basis for our strategic work, and are central part of our input to the Government’s upcoming research bill.

Current situation and forecast for the coming years

The research reviews include a description of the current situation and a forecast of developments over the next 5–10 years for each scientific field. They also include scientific and research policy recommendations for initiatives to promote research in Sweden.

The research reviews form the basis for the strategic work of the scientific councils and committees. They are also central material when the Swedish Research Council produces documentation for the Government’s upcoming research policy bill.

During autumn 2022, researchers, higher education institutions and organisations have had the opportunity to comment on the contents of preliminary versions.

The research reviews that are translated into English are published here.





  1. Research review 2023: Artistic research

    The Swedish Research Council’s research review in artistic research describes the current situation for the research and makes a forecast of the development during the next 5–10 years. The review also includes scientific and research policy recommend...

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