Statistics 2015

In the general call for applications in 2015, the Swedish Research Council granted a total of 2.7 billion SEK for research in all areas of the following five years.

Almost 16 percent of all applications were approved

In total, 4 780 applications were received. Of these 758 were approved. This gives an approval rate of 15.9 percent. The majority of the applications is for project research grants. Of the total funds awarded, 2.7 billion SEK, the greater part, 2.6 billion SEK, was allocated to research project grants not restricted to a specific field.

Appproved grants per area of science

Area of science

Total amount approved (SEK million)

Natural and engineering sciences

1 200

Medicine and health


Humanities and social sciences


Development research


Educational sciences


Artistic research


Women and men


Number of submitted applications

Number granted

Approval rate


1 781


14.4 %


2 999


16.7 %


4 780


15.9 %


One of the Swedish Research Council´s goals for achieving gender equality within our area of activities is to have the same approval rate and the same average grant amount for women and for men.

Administrating organisations

Administrating organisation

Total amount approved

Karolinska Institutet, KI

436 993 589

Uppsala University

397 453 076

Lund University

354 242 100

University of Gothenburg

334 750 000

Stockholm University

264 907 000

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

213 350 500

Linköping University

152 042 200

Umeå University

144 118 467

Chalmers University of Technology

143 083 000

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

44 599 000


The table shows the amounts awarded by higher education institution for the ten institutions that have been awarded the most funding over the coming five-year period.

PublISHED ON 01 December 2015

UpDATED ON 24 November 2020

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All amounts are shown in Swedish kronor (SEK).

The approval rate is the percentage share of all the applications received within a category that is awarded a grant.

The average grant is the average value of the grant amount awarded for the first year.

An administrating organisation is a higher education institution or other Swedish public organisation (that fulfils the Swedish Research Council´s requirements for administrating organisations).

A junior researcher is a researcher whose doctoral degree was awarded no more than eight years ago (at the time of application).


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