What requirements apply if I already have a grant from the Swedish Research Council?

Which grants may I apply for if I have an ongoing grant during the applied grant period and fulfil all other eligibility criteria?

Proj – Undirected Research Project Grant in (NE) Natural and Engineering Sciences, (MH) Medicine and Health, (HS) Humanities and Social Sciences, (ES) Educational Sciences.
Proj inrikt. – Research Project Grant with focus. This includes (DR) Development Research and (AR) Artistic Research as well as project grants in international calls, e g JPI, ERA-Nets etc.
PoC – Proof-of-Concept
IPD – International Postdoc Grant
Etabl – Starting Grant
Klin halvtid (MH) – Grant for halftime position in clinical environment (MH) Medicine and Health
Fotid – Grant for resarch time
Kons – Consolidator Grant
RP – Grants for distinguished professors
Fomiljö fri/inrikt. – Research Environment Grant (with or without specific focus)
Nätverk fri/inrikt. – Network Grant (with or without focus). Also includes grants in international calls, e g JPI, ERA-Nets etc.