Closed call

01 March - 04 April 2017

Starting grant – Natural and engineering sciences

The aim of this grant is to offer junior researchers the opportunity to become established as independent researchers. The Swedish Research Council supports basic research of high quality in national competition.

Type of call

Career support

Subject area

Natural and Engineering Sciences


Individual researcher with a doctoral degree awarded more than 2 and up to7 years ago


Individual researcher

Participating researchers

Participating researchers may not be invited to join the application.

Grant period

4 years

Grant amount

Minimum 400 000 SEK per year, maximum 1 500 000 SEK per year

Publication of grant award

No later than end of November 2017

Start of grant period

January 2018

The call has closed, and the text is only available for downloading. Please note that the links in the document are no longer working.