Closed call

12 June - 05 September 2017

Research environment grant in ageing and health

The aim of the grant is to create added value from collaboration in a larger group than a standard project. The objective of the special project within ageing and health is to support research in the development of individualised diagnostics, prevention and medication, and more efficient use of existing medications and the development of new treatments for elderly persons with illness. The applicant shall be a group a researchers working towards a joint research goal that in the longer term can contribute to better health, increased quality of life and healthy ageing, based on the prerequisites of the individual patient.

The Swedish Research Council rewards science of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Medicine and Health


Ageing and health


Individual researcher

Participating researchers

No less than one and no more than five participating researchers may be invited to join the application. At least one applicant shall be employed at a Swedish HEI.

Grant period

6 years

Grant amount

3-5 million SEK per year including indirect costs

Publication of grant award

No later than early December 2017

Start of grant period

January 2018

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