Closed call

16 August - 19 September 2017

Conference grant

The purpose of the grant is to promote international research collaboration and exchange of experiences. A conference grant is a way of giving an opportunity for researchers operating in Sweden to arrange a conference with internationally recognised speakers.

The grant is intended to cover travel and accommodation costs for invited speakers who are active outside Sweden.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Humanities and Social Sciences, Artistic Research, Medicine and Health, Natural and Engineering Sciences, Educational Sciences




Individual researcher

Participating researchers

No participating researchers may be invited to join the application.

Grant period

The conference shall take place during the period 19 January to 19 September 2018, that is 4-12 months after the deadline for this call.

Grant amount

Minimum 30 000 SEK and maximum 200 000 SEK

Publication of grant award

No later than the end of November 2017

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