Closed call

24 January - 27 February 2018

Tage Erlander’s visiting professorship

The Swedish Research Council’s grant for visiting professors aims to give universities the opportunity to develop a research area by recruiting an internationally prominent professor during a limited period.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Natural and Engineering Sciences


Researchers who may be nominated for the 2018 visiting professorship shallbe active within one or several of the following areas: Analytical, physical ortheoretical chemistry, organic or inorganic chemistry, biochemistry orstructural biology, cellular or molecular biology, bioprocess engineering,chemical engineering or environmental engineering.


Organisation applicants only

Grant period

6-12 months

Grant amount

Maximum 1 900 000 SEK for the professorship and maximum 400 000 SEK to finance a junior researcher associated with the professorship.

Publication of grant award

No later than end of September 2018

Start of grant period

No earlier than January 2019

The call has closed, and the text is only available for downloading. Please note that the links in the document are no longer working.