Closed call

15 May - 09 July 2018

Network Grant: JPIAMR Network Call on Virtual Research Institute

The purpose of this grant is to support international collaboration within the Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR), investigating action strategies to prevent the development and transfer of infections caused by antimicrobial resistance. Sweden, via the Swedish Research Council, is one of the participating countries in the JPIAMR call for support to international collaborative networks.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Medicine and Health


JPIAMR: Virtual Research Institute


Representatives from research organisations that act as coordinator for a JPIAMR network. Only representatives from an administrating organisation approved by VR may apply.

Grant period

6-12 months

Grant amount

50 000 EUR per coordinator (network). A maximum of three Swedish coordinators will be funded by VR.

Publication of grant award

November 2018 on JPIAMRs website

Start of grant period

January 2019

Call text in full

Applications to the JPIAMR network call should be made by the network coordinator using JPIAMR’s application system. Full instructions and the call text is available here External link, opens in new window.. Swedish applicants participating as coordinators in the JPIAMR Network call must also submit a parallel application to the Swedish Research Council (VR) using the application system Prisma. Information on how to access the application form in Prisma can be found below. This text also describes the prerequisites for Swedish coordinators in this call, and what to include in the application to the VR.