Closed call

16 October - 06 December 2018

Indo-Swedish joint network grant

The aim of this grant is to support new or existing Indo-Swedish collaborative groups that in the longer perspective may develop into long-term collaborations. The collaborations shall be based on the principle of mutual benefit, equality and commonly set objectives.

The Indo-Swedish Joint Research Programme was initiated by the Indian and Swedish governments in order to support research of the highest scientific quality in the areas of medicine and health and the natural and engineering sciences. The programme supports cutting-edge basic research that brings together faculty and young researchers from Sweden and India. The program is financed by the Swedish Research Council and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in India on the principle of reciprocity, parity and activity matching funding.

The Swedish Research Council and DST will have joint administration of the call and make a joint decision by using both Swedish and Indian evaluators.

Type of call

Research Collaboration funding

Subject area

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Focus and call objectives

Applications concern joint research collaborations between India and Sweden within any or both of the two sub focuses Computer science and Material science


Individual researcher active in Sweden in collaboration with a researcher active in India.

Grant period

2 years

Grant amount

350 000 SEK per year for the Swedish researcher

Publication of grant award

No later than November 2019

Start of grant period

September 2019

Call text in full

The Indo-Swedish research collaboration is enabled by a bilateral agreement between the Swedish and Indian governments. Under this agreement the Swedish Research Council and the Department of Science and Technology in India (DST) jointly funds grants for collaborative research. The Swedish Research Council and DST will make the evaluation and administration of the programme jointly.

The Swedish Research Council funds the Swedish part of granted applications while DST funds the Indian part of the collaborations.

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