Closed call

09 January - 07 March 2019

Research project grant for international collaboration within personalised medicine (ERA PerMed)

This grant aims to support international collaboration within the European Co-fund Action for Personalised Medicine (ERA PerMed), aimed at promoting development and implementation of personalised medicine. This is the second call within ERA PerMed, and has the title “Personalised Medicine: Multidisciplinary Research Towards Implementation”. Sweden, via the Swedish Research Council, is one of the 18 countries taking part in the 2019 ERA PerMed call, which rewards research of the highest scientific quality in international competition.

Support form

Project support


Medicine and Health


ERA PerMed: Personalised Medicine


Individual researcher who participates as 1 of maximum 2 Swedish project leaders in a consortium with partners from at least 3 participating countries. Only researchers at an administrating organisation approved by the Swedish Research Council may apply.


Grant period

3 years

Grant amount

Maximum 6 million SEK in total for Swedish participation

Call deadline
Outline application: For the consortium application to ERA PerMed 2019: 7 March 2019 (17.00) For the Swedish project leader’s application in Prisma: 12 March 2019 (14.00)

Full application: For the consortium application to ERA PerMed 2019: 17 June 2019 (17.00) For the Swedish project leader’s application in Prisma: 25 June 2019 (14.00)

Publication of grant award

No later than November 2019

Start of grant period

January 2020

Please note

  • Please read and follow the instructions: In addition to this specific call text, you also need to read our Guide for applicants.
  • Please do not state your own or anybody else’s full personal identity number in the application.
  • As from 2019, you will need to have a data management plan (DMP) for data generated within the research we award funds for. You must not submit or send it to us with the application for a grant, but your administrating organisation must confirm that a data management plan will be in place when you start your project or corresponding, and that the plan will be kept up to date.

Call text in full

Application procedure

Grant applications within ERA PerMed 2019 are made in a two-stage procedure, where a simplified version of the application, known as a pre-proposal (outline application), is first submitted. Applicants whose pre-proposals (outline applications) are approved shall then submit a full proposal (full application). Both the pre-proposal and the full proposal are peer reviewed, and ranked in competition with other applications.

The application to the ERA PerMed 2019 consortium call shall be submitted by the research consortium’s international coordinator to ERA PerMed’s application system External link, opens in new window..

As project leader representing a Swedish partner in the research consortium, you must submit the corresponding applications (outline application and full application respectively) via the Swedish Research Council’s application system Prisma in parallel with the international coordinator submitting the consortium application. Please note that the parallel call in Prisma for you as the Swedish partner will close a few days later than in ERA PerMed’s application system. This applies for both the pre-proposal and the full proposal.

To the application form in Prisma External link, opens in new window.

More information on what to do in practical terms is available in our “Guide for applicants”. Opens in new window.

ERA PerMed 2019 will make a decision on the pre-proposals in May 2019. The decision will be notified to the coordinator of the consortium with a statement in the form of a written comment.

The content of your pre-proposal will be transferred automatically to the full proposal if your consortium is invited to submit a full proposal to ERA PerMed 2019. You will thereafter have to update the content of your application to the Swedish Research Council, so that it corresponds to the full consortium proposal submitted to ERA PerMed 2019, and also complete a section on ethical considerations. More information on this is available in the section “What must the application contain?” below.

Swedish applicants that are invited to submit a full proposal shall do so in Prisma no later than 25 June 2019. Any changes will be notified to the Swedish partners in the consortiums invited to submit a full proposal to ERA PerMed 2019. The application procedure includes a “rebuttal” stage at the middle/end of August, where the coordinator has the opportunity to provide clarifications on questions from the reviewers of the application.

ERA PerMed 2019 decides which consortiums will be recommended for funding by the respective national research funding body. The decision will be notified to the coordinator of the consortium with a statement in the form of a written comment. The Swedish Research Council makes the grant decisions for Swedish participants. Shortly after the grant decision has been made, a notice of the grant awards will be published on the Swedish Research Council’s website. You will thereafter find a notice of the decision on your application in your personal account in Prisma, under the tab “Applications and grants”.

You are responsible for ensuring the application is complete and corresponds to the application in ERA PerMed’s application system, that is to say the application form is correctly filled in, the correct appendices are attached and the information requested has been provided according to the instructions. Please only submit material specifically requested. We do not accept any additional information after the deadline, except when specifically requested.