Closed call

07 June - 28 August 2018

Network grant within Clinical Therapy Research

The purpose of the grant is to create an opportunity for a constellation of researchers to create a national network for coordinating a research question of high scientific quality that is relevant to clinical therapy research. The research shall be justif ied by the needs of health and medical care, and is expected to be able to lead to benefits to patients and society. The aim is for networks that receive funding to submit an application to the Swedish Research Council in conjunction with calls for grants to research environments within clinical therapy research. The Swedish Research Council rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

Type of call

Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area

Clinical Therapy Research


Clinical therapy research


Individual researcher

Participating researchers

A minimum of two and maximum of five researchers shall be invited to join the application.

Grant period

1 year

Grant amount

Minimum 150 000 SEK and maximum 300 000 SEK

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of December 2018

Start of grant period

January 2019

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