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08 June - 23 August 2022

Grant for clinical studies within therapy research - full application

The purpose of the grant is to provide support for clinical therapy research studies that are justified by the needs of health and medical care and are expected to lead to patient and societal benefit within a relatively short period of time. Therapy studies refers to both intervention and observation studies. Areas such as prevention, diagnostics, follow-up, implementation, care and rehabilitation are also included. The grant aims to enable a constellation of researchers within regions and academia to work towards a common research goal.

Support form: Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area: Clinical Therapy Research

Applicant: Individual researcher whose project outline has been approved, and has been invited to submit a full application.

Participating researchers: A minimum of 3 and up to 10 other researchers shall be invited to join the application.

Grant period: 4 years

Grant amount: Minimum 1 000 000 SEK per year, maximum 20 000 000 SEK for the entire 4-year period.

Start of grant period: January 2023

Application period: 8 June 2022 (14.00/2 pm) – 23 August 2022 (14.00/2 pm)

Publication of grant award: No later than the beginning of December 2022

Please note:

  • Please read and follow the instructions: In addition to this specific call text, you also need to read our Guide for applicants Opens in new window..
  • This call requires national collaboration between a minimum of 4 regions, unless there are special reasons, and also that the application shall include user participation.
  • The grant may not be applied for to continue research or a study already funded by the Swedish Research Council.
  • As from 2022, new criteria apply for approval of administrating organisations for grants awarded by the Swedish Research Council. You therefore need to make sure that your organisation fulfils the requirements and has been approved by us as an administrating organisation for calls issued after 1 January 2022.
  • Please note also that the instructions for your description of ethical considerations in the application have changed as from this year. Furtermore, we also ask you to describe the management of risks or obstacles to the implementation of the project in the research plan.
  • You must explain in your research plan how your stated activity level is suited to the implementation of the research project.
  • You will need to have a data management plan Opens in new window. for data generated within the research we award funds for. You must not send the plan to us, but according to our general grant terms and conditions, your administrating organisation must confirm that a data management plan will be in place when you start your project or equivalent, and also that the plan will be maintained.
  • As from 2022, there are guidelines for study registration and result reporting for the clinical studies funded by the Swedish Research Council. This means that information about the study shall be registered in a public study register, and that a summary of the results shall be published in the register. More information is available on the Swedish Research Council’s website Opens in new window..

Specific instructions for the call

In addition to reading the call text, you also need to consult our Guide for applicants.

Application procedure

Applications for grants for clinical studies in therapy research are made in a two-stage process. These instructions apply for those who have had their outline applications for 2022 approved, and have been invited to submit a full application.

Full application

Compared to the outline application, the full application must include the following:

  • a more comprehensive research plan, including specific interim goals to be reported back and evaluated on an ongoing basis
  • more detailed descriptions of “Call-specific information” (see below)
  • a full budget description
  • the participating researchers (minimum 3 and maximum 10), plus their CV details and publications

Contrary to what applies to the outline application, the full application must also be signed by an authorised representative of the administrating organisation within 7 calendar days from the deadline for applications.

Major discrepancies between the outline application and full application relating to the research plan or budget may only occur if a need for these have been indicated by the review panel and communicated in the individual statement on the outline application.

Here you can find the call text for the outline application. Opens in new window.

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