Closed call

19 April - 23 May 2023

Project grant for research into societal security

The purpose of the project grant is to give researchers the freedom to formulate their own research concept, method and implementation, and to solve a specific research task within a limited period. This is a project grant with focus, aimed at strengthening Swedish research into societal security.

Support form: Project support

Subject area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Focus: Societal security

Applicant: Individual researcher

Participating researchers: Participating researchers: Up to 6 other researchers may be invited to join the application

Grant period: Grant period: 1–4 years

Grant amount: Minimum 400 000 SEK per year, maximum 1 700 000 SEK per year

Start of grant period: January 2024

Application period: 19 April 2023 (14.00/2 pm) – 23 May 2023 (14.00/2 pm)

Publication of grant award: No later than the end of November 2023

Please note:

  • You must explain in your research plan how your stated activity level is suited to the implementation of the research project. Furthermore, we also ask you to describe the management of risks or obstacles to the implementation of the research plan.
  • In order to enable an assessment to be made of the implementation and merits, the competence that any doctoral students will contribute to the project shall be stated in the research plan and/or the justification of the budget.

Specific instructions for the call

In addition to reading the call text, you also need to consult our Guide for applicants Opens in new window..