Closed call

23 May - 16 August 2023

Research project grant Röntgen-Ångström Cluster

Röntgen-Ångström Cluster (RÅC) is a German-Swedish research collaboration in structural biology and materials science. The purpose is to strengthen research in materials science and structural biology that uses neutron and synchrotron radiation (also free electron laser radiation), and to stimulate the use and/or accumulation of competence for major research infrastructures that already exist or are planned within the framework for the collaboration.

Support form: Project support

Subject area: Natural and Engineering Sciences

Focus: Röntgen Ångström Cluster

Applicant: Individual researcher active in Sweden in collaboration with an applicant/project leader in Germany.

Participating researchers: At least 1 and up to 10 researchers may be invited to join the application. At least 1 (the German applicant/project leader) but no more than 5 of these must be active in Germany.

Grant period: 1–4 years

Grant amount: Minimum 500 000 SEK per year, maximum 2 000 000 SEK per year

Start of grant period: January 2024

Application period: 23 May 2023 (14.00/2 pm CET) – 16 Aug 2023 (14.00/2 pm CET)

Publication of grant award: No later than the beginning of December 2023

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