Decision published

20 September 2017

Total amount granted: Not specified

Research infrastructure

In September 2017 the Swedish Research Council has reached a decision on funding of a number of research infrastructures. In total, approximately 4 billion SEK was allocated to infrastructures over the next up to eight years.

Decision published

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Around 1.2 billion SEK was allocated to research infrastructures who applied to the call for grants for infrastructure of national interest, in spring 2017. The grant period varies from two to seven years.

  • Max IV will receive a grant of just over 1.1 billion SEK over the period 2019–2022. The Swedish Research Council has also made an outline decision to support the plant with a grant of a corresponding amount for a further four years, i.e. up until 2027.
  • 0.5 billion SEK will be allocated to the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) over the years 2018–2022.

Below is a list of the infrastructures awarded grants:

Decision on grants to infrastructure 2017 Pdf, 203.4 kB. (Pdf, 203.4 kB)

(Please note that as no exact amounts have as yet been decided, the list above does not include any amounts.)

The call was based on the result of the needs inventory

Only the research infrastructures/areas listed in the call text "Grants to infrastructure of national interest" were able to apply for funding. The research infrastructures/areas listed were selected either on the basis of a needs inventory that was carried out during last year, or had an ongoing grant that was due to end in 2017 or 2018.

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