Decision published

15 April 2020

Total amount granted: Not specified

Needs inventory of research infrastructure of national interest

The Council for Research Infrastructures, RFI, has decided how the proposals for new or upgraded infrastructure submitted in last year’s needs inventory shall be categorised. 25 of the areas in the inventory were placed in Category A.

Decision published

Please note that only notice in Prisma guarantees that a grant has been approved.

The needs inventory received 69 proposals from researchers, higher education institutions and public authorities with research mandates. Some of them relate to the same area, and have therefore been assessed together. Of the 25 areas given the grade A, 10 were categorised as A1, 9 as A2, and 6 as A3. Category A1 means that the area is considered as having potential to become an infrastructure of national interest and is ready for a call. The same applies for A2, with the difference that, for strategic or financial reasons, RFI does not prioritise the area. Areas categorised as A3 are also seen as potential infrastructure of national interest, but in these cases the areas are not sufficiently developed to be included in the call at this time. A description of the gradings can be found at the end of the result list.

We will present descriptions of all areas in Category A in the publication Results from the needs inventory, which is an appendix to the Swedish Research Council’s Guide to infrastructure. The appendix will be published this autumn, together with a decision on the new areas that will be covered by the call in 2021. The fact that an area has been categorised as A1 is a prerequisite, but not a guarantee, for being included in the next call.

The current plan is that infrastructure with ongoing grants that terminate in 2021 or 2022 will also be able to apply for grants under the call.

The next needs inventory is planned for autumn 2021.



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