Decision published

01 June 2021

Total amount granted: Not specified

Tage Erlander visiting professorship

The Swedish Research Council has decided that professor Martin Shepperd at Brunel University, Storbritannien, will be the holder of the 2022 Tage Erlanders visiting professorship.

Decision published 14:00 01 June 2021

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The 2022 Tage Erlander visiting professorship has been awarded Martin Shepperd, professor in Computer Science at Brunel University, UK. During his time in Sweden, professor Martin Shepperd will be active mainly at the University of Gothenburg.

The Tage Erlander visiting professorship is awarded to an internationally prominent researcher in natural and engineering sciences. Researchers eligible for nomination in the 2022 call for the visiting professorship had to be active within one or several of the following areas: mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, systems and electrical engineering, computer science, computational mathematics, data science and statistics, mathematics.

Martin Shepperd, Professor i Datavetetenskap, Brunel University, Storbritannien. Värd: Göteborgs universitet

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UpDATED ON 01 June 2021

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