Decision published

30 June 2021

Total amount granted: 377 000 000 SEK

Grant for investment in existing research infrastructure

The Swedish Research Council has decided on the applications to be awarded grants within Grant for investment in existing research infrastructure. Our total grant amount for 2021-2025 is 377 million SEK.

Decision published 14:00 30 June 2021

Please note that only notice in Prisma guarantees that a grant has been approved.

Please note that the list above does not include any amounts. The granted amounts will be set together with the specific terms and conditions.

The call was open to all applicants but only those applications that was evaluated as being of national interest and provide opportunity for high quality research where granted. Also strategic consideration was included in the evaluation of applications.

What happens after the grant decision?


PubliSHED ON 07 June 2021

UpDATED ON 30 June 2021

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  1. Grant for research infrastructure of national interest

  2. Project grant for cross-disciplinary collaboration between China and Sweden

  3. Artistic research