Criteria and grading scales

The Swedish Research Council grades applications based on four basic criteria, using two types of grading scales. Additional criteria may also be relevant for certain applications.


Grading scales

The Swedish Research Council uses three different grading scales for the assessment of applications.

Our seven-grade scale

We use this grading scale for assessing both applications for research grants and applications for research infrastructure grants.

7 = Outstanding. Exceptionally strong application with negligible weaknesses

6 = Excellent. Very strong application with negligible weaknesses

5 = Very good to excellent. Very strong application with minor weaknesses

4 = Very good. Strong application with minor weaknesses

3 = Good. Some strengths, but also moderate weaknesses

2 = Weak. A few strengths, but also at least one major weakness or several minor weaknesses

1 = Poor. Very few strengths, and numerous major weaknesses

Our three-grade scale for research grant applications

We use this grading scale only in our assessment of the “Feasibility” criterion:

3 = Feasible

2 = Partly feasible

1 = Not feasible

Our three-grade scale for applications for research infrastructure grants

This three-grade scale is used only for assessing applications for research infrastructure grants based on the criteria Social benefit, E-infrastructure and National interest.

3 = Excellent

2 = Good but with weaknesses

1 = Weak/Insufficient


PublISHED ON 30 April 2018

UpDATED ON 20 November 2019


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