Financial reporting of grants to organisations

Final financial reports for the Swedish Research Council’s grants to graduate schools, visiting professorships and journals as well as grants to research support activities in clinical research and health data shall be submitted via a form no later than three months after the end of the availability period.

Submit a final financial report via a form

If the organisation has been awarded a grant, a final financial report shall be submitted via a paper form. An authorised representative of the administrating organisation shall sign the form.

The deadline for reporting is shown in the document “Approval of terms and conditions”. Please use the form below.

You can either email the report – with electronic/scanned signatures – or send it by ordinary post. Email both the report and any questions to

Note: If there are any unused funds at the end of the grant period, these shall be repaid to the Swedish Research Council if the amount exceeds one half of a price base amount. Payment shall be made to bank giro No 5052/2663. Please state the registration number for the grant, and that the payment relates to unused funds.

If the unused funds are less than one half of a price base amount, the funds may be retained on condition that they can be used for research purposes similar to that of the grant – otherwise the funds must be repaid as per above.

Postal address:

Hantverkaegatan 11 B
Box 1035, 101 38 Stockholm



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For general and accounting related questions regarding financial reporting


  1. Grants within clinical therapy research

    You will receive an automated email from Prisma once the reporting period has started.

  2. Grants to research infrastructure

    The financial report shall be signed by an authorised representative of the administrating organisation. Different rules apply for grants decided on before or after 2015.

  3. FAQ about financial reporting

    Here we have gathered together frequently asked questions and answers about financial reporting of grants to individual researchers. Remember to fill in the tab “Funds received” for the period reported when you register the report in Prisma.