PublISHED ON 30 April 2018

UpDATED ON 23 November 2018

How to apply for a grant

Each call text has instructions on the conditions for the grant and the information to be included in the application itself. You apply via our application system Prisma. In order to submit an application, you must first create a personal account in Prisma.

Create an account in Prisma

Before you can start your application, you must create a personal account in the Prisma application system, which is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte.

In Prisma, you can manage applications to all three research councils with a single account. Please allow plenty of time to create your personal account. All applications you register in Prisma will be linked to this account.

You upload CV information to your account about your education and employment history. Those who review an application are not able to view the information entered in your account. When applying for a grant, you select the required information from My Profile and attach the other information required to the application in pdf format. You do not need to enter all the details under My Profile – start by checking what information is requested and in what format in the call you intend to apply for.

Since many of those who assess the applications are not Swedish speakers, we recommend that you enter all descriptive text in your account in English.

Make sure participants in the application create their own accounts

Everyone who is participating in your application must have their own personal account in Prisma. This applies to both participating researchers and participating administrators who help to complete the application.

Participating researchers are researchers with a doctoral degree or corresponding competence, who have a crucial or central role in the implementation of the planned research. The number of participating researchers is normally limited ­– see the call text for what applies for the grant you are applying for.

You can invite participating researchers and participating administrators to the application even if they do not have an account, but they cannot participate in the application until they have created an account. You should therefore ask them to create an account in Prisma in good time. You cannot register your application until everyone has accepted your invitation.

Note: Participating researchers must also upload their own CV information to the application.

Create the application

The application form can be found in Prisma. Technical instructions on how to create the application are available in:

Prisma’s user manual – Create applicationexternal link

Prisma’s user manual – Frequently Asked Questionsexternal link

Please read the instructions when completing your application to ensure that no required information is missing. The call text includes a section headed Sections of the application. This describes what information you should include in your application and the format to be used. Therefore, make sure to have the call text available when completing the application in Prisma.

Link the application to an administrating organisation

The administrating organisation is the organisation that will administer and pay out the research grant. Check that:

  • your organisation is an approved administrating organisation – see all approved administrating organisations in Prisma (all Swedish higher education institutions are approved)
  • the administrating organisation has an organisation account in Prisma, so that you link your application to the right organisation

Is your organisation not listed? If this is the case, an authorised representative may apply for an organisation account in Prisma, which is assessed by the Swedish Research Council.

Note: Usually you do not need to be employed by the administrating organisation at the time of the application, but the administrating organisation must sign your application and approve its obligations as an employer.

Read more about administrating organisations on the page Who can apply?

Register the application

When your application is complete, click the Register button. By doing so, you automatically sign your application and confirm your obligations. You can then find your completed application in the tab “Applications and grants”.

For as long as the call remains open, you can deregister your application and make adjustments. Remember to re-register your application after making any such adjustments.

Once you have registered the application and the call has closed, the application will be registered and assigned a registration number.

The administrating organisation must sign the application within a week

Once the call has closed, your registered application is automatically sent to a representative at the administrating organisation, who signs and approves the application in Prisma. Precisely who serves as this representative depends on how your administrating organisation has chosen to set up its authorisation structure.

It is only after the administrating organisation has signed your application that it is considered complete and can proceed to assessment. The administrating organisation has seven calendar days to sign. You will receive an email when your application has been signed. It will then also be visible in your account under Application status.

In some cases, the administrating organisation is not required to sign the application. This applies, for example, to a draft application; this requires only your signature as project leader. Organisation applications are signed by the administrating organisation when the application is registered.

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