The call opened 14:00 23 January 2019

The call closed 14:00 26 February 2019

Research environment grant within clinical therapy research

(OUTLINE APPLICATION) The purpose of the grant is to provide support for clinical therapy studies that are justified by the needs of health and medical care and are expected to lead to patient and societal benefit within a relatively short period of time. Therapy studies refers to both intervention and observation studies. Areas such as prevention, diagnostics, follow-up, implementation, care and rehabilitation are also included. The grant aims to enable a constellation of researchers within county councils/regions and academia to work towards a common research goal. The Swedish Research Council rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

Support form

Research environment and collaboration support


Clinical Therapy Research


Clinical therapy research


Individual researcher

Participating researchers

No participating researchers may be invited to join the project outline.

Grant period

3 years

Grant amount

The maximum amount is 20 million SEK for 3 years. The minimum amount you may apply for is 400 000 SEK per year.

Budget framework

A total of 240 million SEK over a 3-year period has been set aside for this call.

Call deadline
Outline application:
The outline application closes 26 February (14:00)

Full application: The full application opens 12 June (14:00) and closes 27 August (14:00)

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of December 2019

Start of grant period

January 2020

Please note:

  • Please read and follow the instructions: In addition to this specific call text, you also need to read our Guide for applicantsexternal link, opens in new window
  • Please do not state anybody’s full personal identity number in the application.
  • A new feature is that under this call, you must describe whether sex and gender perspectives are relevant in your research, and if so, how you will use such perspectives, or why you are choosing not to use them. How sex and gender perspectives are managed in the research project will form part of the assessment of scientific quality. Read more under the heading ”Research description”.
  • As from spring 2019, you will need to have a data management plan (DMP) for data generated within the research we award funds for. You must not submit or send it to us with the application for a grant, but according to our general grant terms and conditions, your administrating organisation must confirm that a data management plan will be in place when you start your project or corresponding, and also that the plan will be maintained.
  • Read more about grants awarded in previous yearsexternal link, opens in new window

Call text in full

Application procedure

Applications for research environment grants within clinical therapy research are submitted in a two-step process. First, you as applicant must submit a project outline for evaluation. Applicants whose project outlines are approved shall then submit a full application.

Project outline

In the project outline, the emphasis shall be on the research question and the expected patient benefit and societal benefit. The study design, method and materials shall be described sufficiently clearly to allow the feasibility of the project idea to be evaluated. Please note that there must not be any major discrepancies between the project outline and full application in terms of the research plan or budget.

The Swedish Research Council will make a decision on the project outlines in May 2019. If your project outline is accepted, you will also receive notice via email, including instructions for how to submit a full application. Relevant information from the project outline will automatically be transferred to your draft for the full application.

Full application:

The call for full applications will be open from 12 June to 27 August 2019.

In relation to the project outline, the full application must include information such as

  • a more comprehensive research plan, including specific interim goals to be reported back and evaluated on an ongoing basis
  • more detailed descriptions of “Call-specific information” (see below)
  • a full budget description
  • a full list of publications
  • participating researchers (mandatory minimum is one), plus their CV details and publications.

Contrary to what applies to the project outline, the full application must also be signed by an authorised representative of the administrating organisation.