The decision was published 14:00 17 Dec 2018

International collaboration in GENDER-NET Plus Co-Fund

Decision has been made on approved applications for International collaboration in GENDER-NET Plus Co-Fund.

Please note that only notice in Prisma guarantees that a grant has been approved.

GENDER-NET Plus Co-Fund has decided to finance 13 consortia. 10 of the consortia granted include a Swedish participants, who will receive funding from the Swedish Research Council. In total, Swedish participants are granted more than 28 million SEK for the period 2018/19–2021.

PubliSHED ON 06 September 2018

UpDATED ON 17 December 2018


  1. New nuclear technology

    Project grant, Starting grant, and International postdoc grant within New nuclear technology.

  2. Medicine and health

    Research project grant, Starting grant, Grant for half-time research position in a clinical environment, and Development of methods to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments (3R) within medicine and health.

  3. Research project grant Röntgen-Ångström Cluster

    The publication date is preliminary.